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  • 5LI ( as it is enlarged, land impacts will increase )
  • Mod / Copy / No Trans
  • Customize Record Label
  • Customize Turntable Texture

Basic Operation


Click “START / STOP” button so you can turn it on (or off).


Touch the body and you see following dialog. This dialog is for OWNER ONLY.

  • ShowCable … show or hidden behind cables
  • GrpAccess … permission of “START / STOP” button for Group Member
  • Ne1Access … permission of “START / STOP” button for anyone
  • Label Tex … customize record label texture ⇒ Customize
  • Logo Tex … customize turntable texture ⇒ Customize
  • [CLOSE] … close dialog
  • [HELP] … show you this web site


How to change textures

You can change 2 textures from dialog, record label and turntable.

  1. Download material textures and UV Maps
  2. Modify textures

  3. Upload textures

  4. Click the body and choose “Label Tex” or “Logo Tex” from the dialog
    • Label Tex … You can change record label texture
    • Logo Tex … You can change turntable texture

  5. Input texture UUID and choose “Submit”